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Annie Lawler guest speaker at 2017 22Q Deletion Family Conference

image001.jpgAnnie Lawler was a speaker at this year’s 22Q Deletion Family Conference in Toronto on Nov 11, 2017. This Conference is put on by the 22Q Deletion Clinic at Sick Kids and their foundation.
Annie spoke about the difference of moving into high school from elementary school and her struggles with socializing with others and making friends.  She said that Special Olympics and the support of her EA’s and LLS teachers helped her get involved in organized social and sports teams.  She currently plays for the St. Peters Secondary School’s Special Olympics basketball, soccer and track and field teams.  They have competed at provincial levels. 

She enjoys travelling and meeting other athletes.  She recently wrote an advocacy letter to her school asking to start taking credit earning science classes.  She feels she is ready to be academically challenged.  Annie is also involved with the Year Book committee and is excited to take pictures at sporting events.  She has a real passion for learning new skills and plans to attend community college upon finishing high school.

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