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Connecting with Family

Read more...Wayne Wight was re-connected with his natural family several years ago.  Although they live out of town he now frequently connects with them via e-mail or an occasional FaceTime call.
Wayne and his sister Ruth have really enjoyed FaceTiming, and as a result, Wayne is now supported to FaceTime with his sister Ruth on a weekly basis, as well as email his sister Bernice, and the rest of his family.

Combating the Winter Blahs with Fun in the Kitchen!

Read more...To beat the winter blahs this year Krista took the initiative to set up a cooking night, at the President's Choice Cooking School. She invited her friends to join her for this evening of fun, laughs and cooking. On the menu were pizzas, chocolate lava cookies, and fruit skewers, all with help from Chef Elaine McCarthy. As you can see from the pictures, this was a festive time!




Katelyn showcases her work at local Art Show

Read more...Katelyn took part in the Love My Life, 8 week, art series put on in partnership by Peterborough Public Health and the Art School of Peterborough.  Her joy and pride shine though as she presents her art sculptures at the Final Art Show!   Katelyn's family and teacher also came out to support her, see her creations and celebrate her success!...

Friends, Textiles and Portraits... A day at the Art Gallery of Peterborough

Read more...On February 22nd Serena Cole, Nancy De Rivers, Maureen Harvey, Leslie Pennal, Julie Andrews and Christine along with three staff visited the Art Gallery of Peterborough.  One of the gallery staff, named Andrew, gave us a tour of the exhibit which was unique fabric sculptures on loan from the Textile Museum in Toronto.  Maureen Harvey was fascinated by the sculptures and asked lots of questions. Then we participated in a portraiture class...

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