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Closed Facebook Page “Peterborough Families are Strong”

Read more...Description:

Welcome! This closed Facebook page is designed to provide a safe place for families of children and/or young adults living with an intellectual disability a common place to form natural connections, share mutual information and moral support.


For Community Living Peterborough to share current information to families, provide a space for families to form natural supportive connections for daily living and future planning.

Getting Started!...

Cooking and Healthy Living

Read more...Community Living will be offering two cooking groups to youth 10-13. It will be held at the All Saints Church, 235 Rubidge Street on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings June 6th and 7th until July 11th and 12th from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. This group will offer 14 youth an opportunity to work on food preparation and develop skills for making snacks and simple meals. Basic Rights will also be covered during discussions.


Betty Ann Treats Her Mom To Lunch For Mother’s Day:

Read more...Although it was a week early, Betty Ann took her mom out to eat for Mother’s Day at Swiss Chalet. The rain outside didn’t stop Betty Ann from shining bright inside with her mom. Betty Ann and her mom June sat together and reminisced about the days when Betty Ann and her brothers were younger. Betty Ann was in for a surprise when her dad also came for lunch.

On Stage at The Stage Café

Read more...Gerald Parks performed for the first time at The Stage Café on Friday April 21st. He was one of many musicians who performed that night. Playing the accordion with his usual gusto he received much applause. He played Amazing Grace, Red River Valley, Maple Sugar, and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.
He has been invited back to play in September! We hope you will be in the audience to hear him play!

Find out more about The Stage Café and upcoming dates on their Facebook Page:

Community Meals, Deepening Friendships

Read more...In February of this year, residents of Myrtle Terrace decided to start a community meal once a month in their community room.  Together they decide what food they would like to order in.  So far they have had Chinese, Swiss Chalet, pizza, and who knows what they will have next!
It is has been a great opportunity for everyone to get out of their apartments, deepen friendships, and share a meal together.  After a good meal everyone plays a fun, and sometimes competitive, board game!
Future plans include eating on the roof top garden of the apartment building, to enjoy warm summer nights!

Serena Rediscovers Bowling

Read more...Serena couldn’t remember the last time she had been bowling, so this past Tuesday she took a drive to Oshawa and went to Neb’s Fun World.
At Neb’s she played two games, and got the highest score both times, her first score was 88 and next game was 95!

Serena was laughing the whole time and couldn’t believe she beat a staff member at bowling. Serena says she can’t wait to go again!

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