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Finding Family


Written by Barb's Outcomes Facilitator --- October 2011  During a conversation with Barb she started reminiscing about her family. She talked about when the family all lived together, things she remembered the family doing together, drives they took on a Sunday. Barb also talked about when her parents lived the last few years of their life in a nursing home and how she would spend time with them there


Barb spoke about how her parents were buried at Highland Park Cemetery and said she would like to visit their grave site. But when asked when she would like to do that, Barb said that she wasn't sure she would be able to find the plots. So the research started on Barb's behalf. 

One nice afternoon Barb had the chance to visit and find her Mom and Dad's gravesites. While Barb stood there looking at the stones she once again did some reminiscing. During her chat she mentioned that her Dad's birthday was the following day, so she was asked if she would like to go and get some flowers to place on the grave. And that was what was done.

Barb was very pleased to have been able to find her parents grave sites, visit them and place some flowers there just in time for her father's birthday. Things can happen when people reminisce.

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