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Leslie enjoys time to herself on solo cruise

Leslie-WebsiteWritten on behalf of Leslie Pennal by Carole Moore, Outcomes Facilitator --- September 2011  On the spur of the moment Leslie decided she would like to take a boat trip in September. Arrangements were made and Leslie took off on the Big Chute to Peterborough Boat Cruise on the Kawartha Voyageur. This time she was tripping by herself. Leslie was pleased to announce that she had a cabin on her own, where in the past she shared a cabin when she went on two other cruises with her travelling companion, Jo-Anne.


Leslie accounts her trip as follows;

I got up at 6:30 and went up to the dining room and had a coffee. I met a lady from New York City and we chatted until breakfast time. We had a great breakfast at 8:00 and then the boat sailed from the lock at 9:30

I didn't take my camera on this trip, ha ha ha, because the last time I took my camera I played with things on it and deleted all my photos....but I also have pictures from my first trip anyway.

We had to wait at one lock for six boats to go through and that seemed to take forever.

When you have a chance to sit back and look at things along the shoreline, you see lots of beautiful 'houses' and looked 'out of this world to me'.

At 11:00 we were at the Big Chute Marine Railway Lock 44. This is a lock that is different from the others. The boats in drive onto a platform and are lifted out of the water, taken up a hill and put back in the water at the other side. It is very different. This trip is on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

We went through 2 more locks and through Lake Couchiching before we stopped for the night in Orillia. Orillia is where Stephen Leacock was from. We were encouraged to go and look around and maybe go to the Mariposa Market. We were also told that we could call a cab and go to Casino Rama, if we had cash to get rid of....grins.

In the morning we left Orillia and travelled across Lake Simcoe. Then we headed down what is called the 'ditch' where there were 5 locks to go through and this took quite a bit of time to do. The marshes we saw were nice and the trees that grew out of the rocks were beautiful.

We eventually made our way up river to Kirkfield where we went over a smaller metal version of the Lift Lock. . While at the Kirkfield Lift Lock we were encouraged to watch for Osprey and Turkey Vultures which fly over regularly.

When we got to Balsam Lake is the highest point on the Trent-Severn Waterway and it was interesting to find out that the water starts to flow in the opposite direction from here to Peterborough.

Again we stayed the night in Bobcaygeon. This is a very cute little town. From here we sailed through six lakes and four locks

When we got to Lakefield it as about 6:00 and dinner time. I noticed a yellow air plane and a white sail boat during our trip past the Lakefield College School. And of course Hamblins Ice Cream Parlour is here in Lakefield. While we go down the river we pass by Trent University.

From here we go through six locks before we get to the Peterborough Lift Lock. This is the highest in the world, and it is in our city. It is interesting to take this trip and to read the book that we got telling of the history of the Trent-Severn Waterway and the places you visit along the way.

Once again the food was fantastic on the boat cruise and I got to meet a couple of new people Vera and Bruce. I had a GREAT time again. Everyone should take this trip.

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