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A long-awaited visitor


Colleen's sister Kim has been living in Sweden for over fifteen years and had not had much chance to travel back to Canada, which made it hard for her to keep up the close bond she and Colleen shared growing up, as the only sisters amongst their siblings. However, Colleen and Kim recently reconnected through Facebook, and had been given the opportunity to learn about what the other had been up to during the long separation. After more than a decade without seeing each other, Colleen and her sister were reunited this summer when Kim travelled to Canada for a friend's wedding.
Kim was eager to connect with Colleen face-to-face, and set up several dates with Colleen before she even arrived. During the visit, Colleen initiated several visits for tea at her home to show off her bowling trophies, and programs she has collected from all the musicals she has visited – all the things that are dear to her. Kim said she was surprised at how it felt to see her sister: "like no time had passed at all." The two spent several hours looking at pictures and catching up.

Kim also helped Colleen reestablish connections with family members in Peterborough she hasn't seen in quite a while. The occasion of Kim returning to Canada proved to be a great opportunity for the entire MacLellan clan to gather. Colleen was able to reconnect with family with whom she had lost touch, and to show them how much she has grown over the years. Kim encouraged her family to strengthen their ties with Colleen by arranging more frequent visits. Colleen was happy to have an advocate acting for her within her family unit.

Kim expressed an interest in participating in Colleen's annual planning meeting via telephone or Skype. Colleen now wishes to work toward purchasing a webcam, and learning how to operate her home computer more efficiently, so she can have more frequent face-to-face contact with Kim through the convenience of modern technology. Upon Kim's departure, the sisters vowed to never again allow the physical distance between them become an emotional distance.

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