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Stages of a Developing Friendship

Peter Carlin

As the spring flowers begin to blossom, a new friendship is budding for Peter Carlin. Peter met Butch Downer while he was volunteering with the Blueboxing@Fleming Program in 2008. Butch works with the college, and after meeting, he and Peter began to realize they share many similar interests. Since their initial meeting, they always make a point of connecting whenever Peter comes to visit Fleming. Peter makes the trip up every other Wednesday, and Butch always ensures he finds time to see his friend during those visits.

They first bonded over their mutual love of animals, and from there discovered they both enjoyed collecting baseball caps as a hobby. Butch found out that Peter has a special interest in dogs, and invited Peter over to meet his own dog Jesse. When Butch was sick, Peter spent a great deal of time finding the perfect card, and insisted on delivering it in person. At that point, it was clear that this acquaintance had become a good friend. Butch has had Peter over to his house several times since then, for coffee, lunch, or sometimes just to 'shoot the breeze' and catch up.

Recently they discovered they are bowling enthusiasts, and are making plans to go bowling together. Peter is happy to have found a friend close in age, especially one with whom he shares so many interests and hobbies. Over the years this friendship has developed naturally, and grown into something invaluable to both Peter and Butch. - Peter Carlin & Beth Needham, Outcomes Facilitator

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