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Community Living Peterborough Can Provide The Following Supports and Services For Your Family:

Supportive Housing

Community Living Peterborough aims to facilitate the most suitable living options for adults over the age of 21. Regardless of a person’s level of independence, each living option is designed to encourage growth, independence and participation within the community, as well as provide a secure and supportive home environment.

We provide shared living accommodations for people in a Community Home environment and personalized support for people living on their own (Supported Independent Living, otherwise referred to as SIL).
For more information about Supported Housing, contact our office at                 (705) 743-2411

Community and Family Services

Community and Family Services provides support and services to children, youth, adults and their families, adhering to the Personal Outcomes Measures of the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

As it is our mission to inspire respect and equality for people living with an intellectual disability, we promote community knowledge, organizational excellence, and individual quality of life. To match our vision, we offer a wide range of supports and services to families throughout the City and County of Peterborough:

To Support Families, Community Living Peterborough Will:

  • Assist families to access information and resources (parenting tools, planning resources)
  • Connect families to community programs and funding sources
  • Provide school and employment advocacy
  • Help families to plan for the future of their family member
  • Help provide the resources for valuable Family Networks
  • Provide and coordinate educational workshops for parents
  • Support families to manage and retain support workers

We Will Also Support Children and Youth by:

  • Helping to provide connections to the community so your son or daughter can establish social roles and relationships
  • Providing links to meaningful experiences for children and youth within their community
  • Facilitating supports and services for your son or daughter
  • Advocating for children, youth and their families
  • Acting as a valuable educational resource for your son or daughter's school and community groups
  • Facilitating transitional planning (planning for their future)
  • Providing educational workshops for children and youth to enhance community networking and development
  • Supporting and providing networks for siblings
  • Assisting families in understanding support systems and protocols within the Developmental Sector

For more information about Family Supports and Services, contact our office at (705) 743-2411

Community Access

Community Access

By working in partnership with people and their support networks, we facilitate people to have meaningful choices in their community. Whether the activity is working independently, in a supportive environment, volunteering, or participating in community recreational and social groups, what we do needs to be fulfilling, enjoyable and part of a person's goal.

For more information about Community Access Services, contact our office at (705) 713-2411.

Employment Options

Small Business Resource Centre:

Provides a workforce to Peterborough companies for long and short-term contracts and the opportunity for people to share profits by working on contracts for local businesses. For more information, contact our office at (705) 743-2411

Personnel Plus:

Assists people to secure employment within the city and county of Peterborough. We provide on the job training and follow up to ensure employee success and employer satisfaction.



Blueboxing is an environmental partnership between Community Living Peterborough, Fleming College and Trent University. Volunteers who receive supports from Community Living dedicate their time to green projects at one or both of their local post secondary campuses. These volunteers are on campus Monday to Friday dedicating time to recycling and composting initiatives. Alongside these volunteers are student volunteers who dedicate time to assisting them with carrying out their recycling tasks on campus.

It is an opportunity for people to learn new skills, meet new people and contribute a valuable service to community. In exchange for their hard work, the volunteers are able to access campus resources like, the library, computers, classroom space, sports equipment and athletic facilities.

With support from staff and students at Fleming and Trent, Community Living has developed a very successful recycling program that highlights the abilities in people and encourages people with and without disabilities to work collaboratively toward a healthier environment. Blueboxing volunteers participate in the life of community, build friendships, and are respected on and off campus!


Blueboxing at Trent - LOGO





Blueboxing @Trent
Trent: (705) 559-2315

blueboxing at fleming





Blueboxing @ Fleming
Fleming: (705) 743-2411


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